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About Conjectura, LLC


Conjectura is an applied research initiative undertaken by a small group of software engineers and scientists to address the growing need for interoperability among inference-systems for advanced data analysis on the semantic web.




Our key objective for our ongoing projects is to develop domain independent and extensible platforms to:


 Operate in a wide area of practice ranging from Scientific Research to Business Intelligence

 Support data analysis for operational and decision making functions

 Incorporate heterogeneous data sources and inference technologies with relative ease




The Semantic Web provides access to all areas of human knowledge and information and exposes an increasing number of technologies addressing various aspects of knowledge management. The two prominent challenges in such an environment are:


 Retrieval (operating across multiple data sources)

 Interpretation (picking the right inference model for analysis)


The need for a meta-level querying technology is even more critical considering the explosion in the number of languages, models and ontologies. This diversity and the lack of widely accepted standards or unified models impact the interoperability between the consumers of data. By providing meta-level querying capabilities and facilitating an exchange between ontologies, XML/RDF is increasingly accepted as a potential medium to bridge the gap.


Conjectura is committed to adopt open standards such as RDF, XML to take on these challenges.


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To contact Conjectura LLC, email info@conjectura.net

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